P & O Orkney & Shetland Services

Lindsay Bremner
22nd December 2005, 22:29
Does anybody know what happened to the P&O Ferries St Clair and St Sunniva after P&O finished with the Orkney and Shetland services. (*))

22nd December 2005, 22:50
Think one was scrapped and one was a pilgrim ship out the far east.

Derek Roger
22nd December 2005, 22:55
Did they run from Aberdeen ?? St Clair rings a bell .

fred henderson
22nd December 2005, 22:56
I understand that they are both in Arabic service, which is somewhat ironic for a pair of Christian Saints. St Clair is now Barakat owned by Baaboud Trading & Shipping, who operate obscure services from Saudi to Sudan and other backwaters. St Sunivar is now Faye of Al Thuraya Marine operating from Iraq to UAE.


22nd December 2005, 22:57
Have a look here -
so it must have been the St Sunniva that was scrapped, I think !

Lindsay Bremner
22nd December 2005, 22:58
Yes both ships sailed from Aberdeen, St Clair to Lerwick, St Sunniva to Stromness.

Derek Roger
22nd December 2005, 23:41
Good Grief ! Still sailing ! They were not in the greatest of shape in 72 ? Derek

Lindsay Bremner
23rd December 2005, 17:47
Thanks for that guys, it's been bugging me for years trying figure out where they went to.


fred henderson
23rd December 2005, 22:56
I am sure that no members will be tempted to travel from Saudi to Sudan in the cause of ships' nostalgia. On the other hand if the reverse trip is the only way out, then it may be more attractive.


Lindsay Bremner
23rd December 2005, 23:24
Very true.

donald sutherland
6th October 2006, 22:17
st clair st magnus st suniva st ron is it the early ones before the roll on roll off that are still sailing ?,these belonged to the north of scotland steam shipping co before ,p and o i might be wrong hope not

Pat McCardle
6th October 2006, 23:20
I was on St.Sunniva when P&O took her on as 'n.f.Panther', on the Dover - Boulogne run 1979. One of the worst ships I had the misfortune to join, got off after 3 weeks & went back to sea.

jock paul
7th October 2006, 08:41
I remember going for a holiday with my father in 1948 (I was 13 yrs. old) on the Orkney/Shetland steamers. St. Ninian, Aberdeen to Kirkwall then Lerwick. Then St. Rognvald round the smaller islands, unforgettable watching the locals swim cattle out to the ship behind a launch, then hoisting them on board with a bellyband. Home again from Lerwick by St. Clair. A visit to the engine room on St.Clair confirmed my future choice of career!

11th October 2006, 00:08
Look on this site for details of the ships you are looking for. They are all there.
The site however, is in Swedish but is easy to understand.