Snow Drift - Snow Land

5th July 2011, 23:24
Anyone know of ships SNOW DRIFT, SNOW LAND, SNOW CRYSTAL have you will be for junk? I remember when they came to Chile, but were over 30 years
Any news is welcome!!!!

Baulkham Hills
6th July 2011, 08:01
I sailed on the Snow Crystal for about six months in 1990 unfortunately not to Chile but to Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia to NE Europe with bananas. Great ship and crew. At the time the owner was a former executive of Cool Carriers who picked the ships up cheap during a bankruptcy. The senior officers had been on the ship for years through various owners. It was full of unforgettable characters. I don't know what happened to these ships after I left, but they don't build ships like that anymore.

6th July 2011, 14:05
Very good crossing you lived in those years.
I have several photographs of these ships when they came to Chile in the fruit season. 3 years but have not seen them, maybe someone may have information of what happened to these 3 ships a unique and special model..

8th July 2011, 21:48
sailed no Snow Ball and Snow Hill earl 80"s carrying fish/fruit mainly to Japan also apples from Valparaso to France. Eddie

8th July 2011, 22:20
snow land bu-snow crystal bu snow drift still in sevice
terry music man

8th July 2011, 22:20
that should be [service]

John Timmins
9th July 2011, 02:21
I saw Snow Flower in Tunisia in the winter of 1975. Are those ships listed above the same? It was Swedish flag Salen then. About 1986 I saw it again in Bremerhaven wth Hong Kong on the stern.

It is scrapped ?

9th July 2011, 22:27
hi john the same mate bu 08 all r c s
terry music man

18th September 2011, 11:01
I sailed on the Snow Drift a couple of trips in 87/88. Was called the Greenfield then, on an Iranian charter.Frozen lamb from Bluff to Bandar Abbas.Charter finished on my 2nd trip, so carried apples from Kiwi to USA and Sheerness.
Also sailed on Snow Crystal for a trip, bananas from C.America to Europe. Ships were about 15 years old then, but very good.Built in France,very good accomodation,I enjoyed my time in them.Then lost my job as junior officers being replaced by Filipinno officers.

alan chalmers
20th September 2011, 13:28
Sailed on Snow Hill and Snow Storm in early 80s as second engineer.
Check the exhausts on pictures as some mates painted them silver for "chrome exhausts" for the look.
Had more than a few mechanical problems with the cpp and generators