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Gavin Moore
20th July 2011, 03:27
Hi to everyone.
I am interested particularly in two master mariners. They were father and son and both had the same names - David Nelson Smith. They were from Antrim in Ireland.
Both sailed from Whitehaven at various times. (Some trips on BRocklebank vessels)
DNS elder was a seaman (Apprentice to Master) from about 1840 to 1863. His son's first posting was in about 1879 and he retired in 1917.
I have details of their careers from Lloyd's registers, but am seeking specific details, or additional details of their careers.
Bothe were in wrecks at sea - junior recived a merchant sailor's gallentry medal in WW1.
Senior married but there is no record in England or Ireland. I think it must have been an overseas or on board marriage.

If anyone can help me find details of these two men I would be most grateful. Eg logs reports career moves etc. I can identify some of the ships if required. One was the ill-fatedBowfell.



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I Was With Kwt Shippping Co Then Uasc As Third /2nd Mate 1978 To 93 ,had An Iraqui Mate Dont Know If Dead Or Alive Issam Shibil , Any Clues How To Start Loooking, He Was The Spitting Image Of Tom Selleck Magnum A Very Charismatic Guy
Had Connections Blackpool Due Fleetwood College

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