jumpy jones
20th July 2011, 21:09
Hello. I have spent the last 2 years working on the history of R.Woodvine and son (SHREWSBURY)LTD. The founder of the company Reg Woodvine previously worked for Metal IND. who had bought out the Sentinel Steam Waggon Works in Shrewsbury, he was their group managing director. When he started his own company in 1954. outside in the front gardens were benches, which on the rear had a small white plate with RMS MOOLTAN on it. This ship was taken apart by Metal Ind, so there is a possible connection here. But does anybody know how they got to be in the front garden of the factory? The factory over the years became, WM.ASQUITH. NORTON -ASQUITH. NORTON. and WARNER-SWASEY. The benches were still there when the factory closed for good in 1976, What has become of them?

21st July 2011, 01:13
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21st July 2011, 01:28
Welcome to SN JJ, I recall Asquith, Norton and Warner Swazey being big in the UK as manufacturers of machine tools, Asquith radial drills, Norton surface grinders etc.


21st July 2011, 05:28
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21st July 2011, 12:02
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