Yellow Fleet - GBLA

22nd July 2011, 15:54
Hello to everybody,
I am a retired stamp collector, who shares his knowledge with public, writing articles on stamps to various journals and www sites.
They can be found at and/or If you do not understand Slovak, use a translator, please, or consult me.

It is the turn to complete the article on GBLA - Yellow Fleet. I have browsed on Internet and found some, including very fine ones by Bjoern Morits and Geir Sor-Reime. Mine is alredy 3 times longer than these 2 together, but still not ready to be published. Namely, needing some eye-witnesses to verify some data, some more pictures of ships and scans of stamps and covers. Extremely appreciated would be the book by Capt. Brian Hill Postage Stamps of the Great Bitter Lake Association from 1975 to verify some data and naturally, any items for my philatelic collection.
My stamp collection is ASFE = A Stamp From Everywhere one and I belong top 100 (perhaps 10) collectors in the world in this area. As said, enhancing it with GBLA, now.

You can reach me by PM and can write me not only in English, but also Francais, Deutsch, cesky, espanol and polsky. Also Russian and naturally Slovak. Thank you.

24th July 2011, 12:21

on behalf of the Moderating team welcome to SN. I wish you well with your research.

I have deleted your email address as is site policy and for your safety. Members can contact you by Private Message using the site facility. You can then if you wish give them your email address.


24th July 2011, 12:37
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24th July 2011, 12:49

on behalf of the Moderating team welcome to SN. I wish you well with your research.

I have deleted your email address as is site policy and for your safety. Members can contact you by Private Message using the site facility. You can then if you wish give them your email address.


thank you for welcoming me. It is OK you deleted me email if you had to, I do not care to be contacted in public. Just I am afraid I have opened a new threat instead of sending the message to the Great Bitter Lake Association one. Can you copy my Say Hello there? After getting reactions, I would give more details about my project and answer questions from a philatelic point of view, too. Sincerely, Peter


25th July 2011, 10:03
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25th July 2011, 10:13
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26th July 2011, 13:52
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28th February 2012, 23:20
This message is to inform the SN members of the Yellow Fleet - GBLA thread that the promised article is almost completely ready. As it is already over 100 pages (depending on the size of scans and photos), I have divided it into 5 chapters

I. GBLA for general (philatelic) public (18 pages)
II. GBLA for postal history collectors (15 pages)
III. GBLA for ASFE (A Stamp From Everywhere) collectors - combined ships (14 pages)
IV. GBLA for ASFE collectors - individual ships (24 pages)
IV.a MS Lednice specialized (over 30 pages)

The chapter I. is in enclosure. The other chapters will be released after being enhanced. Namely, I am still in need of color scans of a few stamps, shown in the book by captain Bryan Hill. They are:

flags sheet, page 90
GBLA by captain Slechta, page 96
Neleus, page 102
V. Levsky page 124
Musterland & Nordwind page 196

Apropos the Postage Stamps of the Great Bitter Lake Association by captain Bryan Hill. I expected the book would be only about stamps, but it is much, much more. It is a detailed history of GBLA, with infos on daily life, events, political situation... with hundreds of photos of stamps and various other documents and papers, including ties, badges, etc. A great book. If you have a problem to find it in bookshops, you are welcome to contact me...

The article is in Slovak. Therefore I enclose also the translation of the page with acknowledgements and infos. As it was technically impossible to post it as an attachment, you will find it here at the end of this message. I only hope the moderators will accept it......There you can find links to pages where the article will be displayed, the link to me and my ASFE club valdpete(at) and what is perhaps important for somebody, too, a link to the online translator, which works with Slovak.

There are also named the fine people, who contributed to this work. If you do not see your name there, you still have a chance.

Enjoy the article,


Enclosure: Translation of acknowledgements and info

The author would like to thank hereby to all who have contributed to this article with philatelic and/or pictorial materials, memories or advice. In alphabetical order they are L. Almásy, Z. Bastl, D. Bendová, V. Berkovich, J. Bleho, J. Bohunský, Ľ. Buranský, M. Bušík, J. Coplák, M. Černík, cpt. Š. Čertezni, K. Eriksson, K. Fajnor, cpt. A. Fojtů, J. Foltín, M. Gacík, D. Guimond, cpt. Z. Hamšík, J. Haviar, V. Haviar, F. Kajan, R. Kaliňák, V. Kňourek, A. Kobza, D. Konopásek, J. Kožík, cpt. I. Kroupa, cpt. M. Krsička, M. Kryl, A. Kuchta, cpt. J. Kudrna, J. Kuruc, K. Lipták, R. Lloyd, J. Marshall, T. Marsovszký, O. M. Martinsen, J. Mička, B. Moritz (, cpt. P. Newton, S.-O. Nyman, cpt. M. Proskurnicki, I. Prstek, M. Přikryl, P. Saul, E. Schenk, B. A. Schoyen, G. Sřr-Reime, F. Sútorík, J. Šarmír, S. Šipkovská, V. Tichý, J. Tomandl, P. Toth, T. Tribula, F. Vaccarezza and the Mare-Czech publishing house. Special thanks are addressed to the deceased captain Bryan Hill for his amazing book about GBLA, with which the data from seamen have been confronted. The author apologizes if he has forgotten somebody and hopes to be able to add other names, soon. Contact to the author is shown below.

The first part of this article about the Yellow fleet and GBLA, in addition to the author’s Web site or will be published on the sites dealing with either the topic of maritime navigation (, or collecting ASFE = A Stamp From Everywhere (, i.e. philatelic geography, and will probably be copied by several other philatelic sites, too.

Parts II, III and IV will be published either on the Internet or as a book.

Part IV.a about MS Lednice will also be posted on the Internet. Additional annexes on individual ships can be added by foreign authors.

The English version of the article will be prepared subject to sufficient qualified demand. As for now, it is possible to obtain it, as well as other language versions, by using the Web translation programs, such as .

Any questions about the subject of the article, but also about collecting ASFE, can be addressed to the author, who is the Executive Secretary of the Slovak Society of ASFE collectors (ASFE Slovakia), for whose members this article was primarily designed. Any further contributions to the parts of the article on the post (II.) and stamps (III. and IV.) of GBLA, which are already prepared, but can still be enhanced, could be addressed to the author at the email address and would be highly appreciated.