22nd July 2011, 21:03
Does anyone remember a wonderful cartoon which was posted in many messrooms in the 1960s - it was usually A3 size, and entitled "The Captain - as seen by..."

It depicted 'The Captain' as everything from a handsome super-hero ('as seen by', for example, his wife or girlfriend) to a disheveled and drunken layabout ('as seen by' his Marine Superintendent or possibly Insurance Underwriter).

Does anyone still have a copy?

22nd July 2011, 22:30
That one was before my time. However I do recall calenders by Sigma paints with pictures of various shipboard scenes, where the captain (or master) was always short and dressed like a Mexican general.

23rd July 2011, 00:35
Crellintk, pretty sure the poster you are on about was made by the same Dutch artist who did the one with the cross section of a ship with charicatures of everyone on board. It used to be available at the Botlek Stores in Europoort - they have a website, why not get it in touch with them. Good luck.

John T

PS Welcome to SN

24th July 2011, 09:49
Thanks John. I have e-mailed Botlek, but no reply yet. Will let you know how I get on.

Ken C.

24th July 2011, 10:04

(John Briggs has made part of "The Captain" his avatar)

24th July 2011, 10:33
Thanks for that, Stein, well done.

John T

24th July 2011, 14:45
Thanks Stein - result!

There are even more 'seen by' elements there than I remember.

... and you've also found the 'cross-section' one, which I must admit I have never seen before.


Ken C.