Capt. John C. Taylor M.N.I.

Hugh Ferguson
24th July 2011, 20:10
I have an autobiography by Capt. Taylor which I'm considering donating to any member who maybe interested in his very extensive account of his 44 years at sea aboard no fewer than 66 ships.
Commencing as a deck boy in 1939 and retiring as a master in 1983 The book is a paperback in quite reasonable condition and runs to 600 pages. Members who had sailed with him would be favoured.
The main shipping companies he served in were Shell tankers and Rowbothams. His first ship as master was the Shell Varicella in 1969.
An extraordinary career to say the least!

25th July 2011, 01:23
Bruce Price may be a contender for your donation. He is a member on here with the name of "price". He was an AB himself and finished up master with Rowbothams. I wouldn't know if he sailed with Capt. Taylor though.


19th April 2016, 02:53
I sailed with Captain John Taylor on a couple of occasions in Rowbothams. The most notable occasion was on the then chemical vessel Orionman on the 17th of June 1979 which was my 21st birthday. He was sailing with his wife and they were affectionately known as Captain and Mr. Taylor as she did all the admin including subs. I was a deck cadet. He instructed the engineers to make me a brass key and they mounted it on a plinth. I still have it. We were in Moerdijk awaiting cargo orders and he arranged a taxi for myself, the other cadet, the mate and 2nd eng to go to Breda to celebrate, handed us some "entertainment/gratuities" money with the words behave yourselves and don't come back till it's all gone. We two cadets were going back to college in the following September for our tickets and he gave us great tuition in the principles of Navigation and Compass work. He was a very decent old chap and a good master.

Dave AW
19th April 2016, 11:19
i would like to have a copy of this paperback can you tell me where i can get one please.capt.john c taylor mni

19th April 2016, 11:26
Sorry DaveAW, I didn't know about the book. The last post before mine was in 2013. I just recognised the initials for Capt Taylor while I was doing a bit of random surfing as they are the same as in my discharge book. I hope you find a copy as he was a very interesting man and a very decent sort.

Hugh Ferguson
19th April 2016, 12:50
I have not the slightest recollection of my posting this 6 years ago! I'll check my overloaded book-shelves and let you know if it's still there-no guarantees.