27th July 2011, 18:14
My name is Chris Barker formerly Coward. I was on the Windsor Castle from 1969 until 1972 on and off. Trying to hear from old shipmates

simon wales
27th July 2011, 18:55
hi chris . this is all a bit new to me . im trying to research the old empire ships mac cabe, fatherland. estoria , falkland and ionic star that my grandad served on 44 to 46 . ive a old mate who served with rnvr on mine sweepers in the 70,s too . hoping ill get some info from this site . if you know of anyone who might have any info please could you let me know . cheers

Reef Knot
27th July 2011, 19:04
Greetings to you both. You've just landed on a gold mine of information! This is a great site for all kinds of interesting things.

27th July 2011, 22:50
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

28th July 2011, 09:16
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

bugga divino
28th July 2011, 09:26
Welcome, Chris, hope you find your old shipmates. By joining, you have gained many new ones!

28th July 2011, 18:42
A warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia where I hope you'll find much of interest!
Enjoy the voyage!

28th July 2011, 18:47
Greetings Chris and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

29th July 2011, 09:28
Welcome aboard this great site