N.E.S.W.T. Bridlington

2nd August 2011, 10:58
I just trawled through the other colleges and noted that my old Radio college/school was absent so here we are. It will be interesting to see if we have any input. I know there are now a few of us on the site but there must be others lurking around who have not shown their faces.
The school at one time moved I think during the WW2 era to, I believe Ilkley. Some of my ex colleagues were trained there. Most have now crossed the bar. I was there until 1964 and we were the last full course to complete our tickets. Others like JT had to move to other places to complete their tickets. Notably Hull.
I have contact although now - my fault - on a not to regular basis with a few of my contemporaries. Sadly our Association ceased last year when Brian Priestley sadly crossed the bar.
My history is fairly well documented as I have made mention of Brid on many occasions and as many will know I was both seagoing and many years with GKA and the UK coast stations.

Neville - Hawkey01

2nd August 2011, 12:21
I think the school moved to Otley during WW2, Neville. It closed in 1965 due to financial problems and is now a block of flats. We were scattered across the country, but (mostly) happy memories just the same.

John T

2nd August 2011, 13:56

Yes of course not Ilkely moor bah tat but Otley. Somewhere around Leeds I think. How they lost money always amazed me - especially with the fantastic food we were served up. Also the accommodation was not really up to Ritz standard! Still loved the place for all that.
Yes I have been up there in the last few years and I was amazed how little Brid had changed. Pedestrianised etc but that terrible skyscraper - 1960 style is still ruining the skyline around the Windsor Hotel/ harbour area. Thought it would have been demolished long since. Keep saying we will have another run up there but not this summer as not too long now before we decamp and head back south - with the swallows.

Neville - Hawkey01

8th August 2011, 17:40
Hi I was there 1957 - 1959

10th July 2013, 19:14
I was there too when it closed in the mid 60s.
Ref my intake - we must all be in our mid 60s too now.

30th December 2013, 21:28
N.E.S.W.T. Bridlington.
Just thought I'd raise a bit of interest in the old school !
N H E & M V G K & W W (J T) & G M T and the rest of you - Happy New year. Saw John Palethorpe the other day - still going strong !
Not forgetting Lance the cook !

31st December 2013, 01:48
Thank you CPH, same to you. I was trying to work out "WW", took a minute for the penny to drop.

Did JP play Santa again this year? Best wishes to him if you're in contact.

John T

2nd January 2014, 12:12
Had a quick brouse of the NESWT website run by Tony Cooper. Note another addition there from Ross Bradshaw - cant bring him to mind. Must let Tony know there is a hitch with the photos.


6th July 2014, 19:40
Just to let everyone know that the Tour de France didn't go anywhere near Bridlington.