Rmas Mastiff

2nd August 2011, 23:03
If you want to see what an imaginative naval architect can do with a Dog Class tug search MASTIFF on
and look at all the photos. The wheel house looks amazing.

She's a luxury "yacht" these days flying the Italian flag.

3rd August 2011, 08:07
Looks in this case as you can (ahem) teach an old Dog new tricks!!

senior pilot
3rd August 2011, 16:44
she did a great job with the pas/rmas so may she allso have a long live in this new build what did it cost as i would like one ?

4th August 2011, 19:10
She looks a lot different to those heady day in the RMAS. Can't work out why they retained the Fire / Salvage pump at the aft end of the engine room, apart from historic interest.

13th October 2011, 11:32
How awful! Poor old girl Ruined! Having said that, at least she has a new lease of life...But whoever designed that.....well....Nuff said! A :-(