Rmas Lodestone

4th August 2011, 22:47
A follow on to Mastiff.

I know there's a thread about Lodestone on this sub site but check out the following:



30th April 2012, 20:43
i typed in bleu de nimes as she is called now into google search and was confused when i read the opening statement after i clicked on the first site."she was originally built as a degausing ship for the british royal navy but was NEVER COMMISIONED BY THEM". anyone know what that means?i done a stint on her while i was at greenock(target tow), but does that statement mean she was never used for degausing (which i thought she had been used for before all the gear was removed) or does it mean something else?cheers ROO.PS. she was up for sale again last year for mega bucks !