Shore-based repair gangs

23rd August 2011, 11:54
Hi guys,

I am looking for some information regarding shore-based repair gangs that were employed by Ellerman Lines in the 1960's. I represent a client who was formerly employed by Ellerman's during this period and has since contracted an asbestos related disease.

Any information that you may be able to offer would be much appreciated, however small you think it might be.

Many thanks,

O. Watson

23rd August 2011, 16:40
Greetings OW and welcome to SN.Good luck with your endeavers. Bon voyage.

john g
7th October 2011, 14:09
Hi OW much depends on which port your client recalls......there were numerous companys on Merseyside and Manchester, I can remember the gangs lifting a turbine casing in Manchester and the relevent "white dust".... long time ago and doubt the dangers were known in those days, thats of course if it was asbestos.