Port Auckland

Jed Partington
26th August 2011, 09:10
I am a new member
I joined the M V Port Auckland as a junior engineer in Singapores Keppal shipyard when vessel was being converted to a sheep carrier. The name of the vessel was changed to M V Mashallah. As a first tripper it really was an experiance not to be forgotten, I sailed with the vessal for nine months first trip, and five months second trip.
The ship was hard work but had a great time (not just in the yummie bar in Keppal Road)running between Fremantle and the Gulf. I met some really good guys I did hear there was a fire on board in the second or third year after converstion.
Jed Partington

26th August 2011, 10:05
Welcome aboard this great site


26th August 2011, 11:25
Greetings and Welcome Aboard!


26th August 2011, 11:54
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

26th August 2011, 13:15
Welcome aboard from Brisbane in Oz. enjoy the trip and meet the crew.

26th August 2011, 15:57
Greetings Jed and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

Don Matheson
26th August 2011, 21:48
Welcome to SN Jed, hope you are enjoying the site.
Worked on the Port Auckland many years ago in Glasgow when we overhauled both main engines, lot of work but I enjoyed the ship and the engine room staff were very helpful. They made the job just that wee bit easier.


13th September 2011, 11:03
Hi Jed, I was 5th Engineer on Port Auckland 1960-61. Did 1 round trip London-Suez-OZ-NZ-Panama-London. Was always proud to have done a round the world voyage and got paid for it. She was a fine ship, so was surprised to see that she became a sheep transporter.
Cheers, Mike Lowe