SS Sobieski and Freetown 1941

Jean Douglas-Laird
26th August 2011, 15:39
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I'm searching for info re SS Sobieski in 1941. My father was a merchant seaman and he was imprisoned by the Vichy French in Conakry and (Kandar?) - he came back to Glasgow in 1941, on the SS Sobieski after being torpedoed and imprisoned as a POW. His name was Moses James Laird and he was an engine journeyman.

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Jean Douglas-Laird.

26th August 2011, 15:46
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26th August 2011, 15:48
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26th August 2011, 16:15
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There was a James Moses Laird boarded the “Sobieski” in Freetown which arrived in Gourock 10th October 1941 the address was given as 84 Burnhouse Street Glasgow Occupation Engineer

On 10th January 1938 Moses Laird aged 23 arrived in Southampton as a DBS aboard the “Berengaria” he boarded in New York. 87 Burnhouse Street Glasgow Occupation Engineer

On 11th June 1948 Moses Laird aged 33 arrived in Southampton as a repatriated Seaman aboard the “Marine Flasher” he boarded in New York. address c/o 126 Burnhouse Street Glasgow Occupation Seaman

There was also a Moses Laird age 33 signed on the “Teakwood” in Manchester 16th February 1948 as 4th Engineer the ship arrived San Francisco 29th March 1948 having sailed from Cristobel 14th March 1948


26th August 2011, 16:23
The only info. I have is that the Polish ship SOBIESKI, built in 1939, 11,030 ton, sailed along with 21 ships in Convoy WS.8A that departed from the Clyde on the 26/04/1941. She was carrying some 2,100 Troops. My interest was that the Armed Merchant Cruiser H.M.S. PRETORIA CASTLE was involved in the protection of that convoy.
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26th August 2011, 16:47
just a little more to post #4

could this be your Fathers as There is a Seaman’s pouche in the TNA Kew which might have survived in BT 372/144/9 for R173511 LAIRD M 02/04/1917 SCOTLAND

26th August 2011, 16:48
SOBIESKI id 5136866. built 1939 by Swan HUnter & Wigham Richardson. Low Walker. Newcastle upon Tyne. 6. grt 11030. renamed 1950. GRUZIYA. scrapped La Spezia 14/4/1975.

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