Any information on MV Fishpool appreciated

29th August 2011, 17:05
My father's brother, Joseph Cummings was a gunner in the 1st Maritime Regiment of the Royal Artillery. He was killed in action while on the MV Fishpool on 25th July 1943 in the harbour at Syracuse
So far I have found pictures of his grave in Syracuse and a photo of the ship. I have not really discovered whether there were any survivors or what actually happened, apart from the fact that it was bombed and had a considerable amount of aviation fuel on board.
If anyone has any details at all about what happened I would be very grateful.

Bob Cummings

29th August 2011, 19:52
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29th August 2011, 23:15
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30th August 2011, 06:28
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30th August 2011, 10:25
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31st August 2011, 00:43
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peter drake
4th September 2011, 20:04
Hi Bob Billy McGee's excellent book Ropners Navy States that Fishpool was hit by two direct hits which set the cargo on fire blowing the ship to pieces .Eighteen of her crew survived.


john hardy
2nd October 2011, 02:36
hi bob, my uncle, thomas hardy, (cook) was also killed on the fishpool, according to family history he was assisting the gunners at the time, maybe with your uncle. my father james stoddart (butch) hardy, (cook) was on the same convoy in syracuse at the time, can't remember which ship, but it will have been one of ropners, regards, john hardy.