TS Dolphin

jg grant
7th September 2011, 00:12
Hi, is there anyway to obtain records of all those who passed through the Dolphin training ship? My old shipmate now deceased left behind a baby daughter and she has no knowledge of him and only one photograph. Since he was from Edinburgh it would be probable that he was at the Dolphin. Does anyone one know how to go about finding out? Thankyou Ronnie.

7th September 2011, 23:47
Hi Ronnie,
Try this site,some photos of different year groups.
www.allatsea.cx/dolphinhistory html
Hope this helps.
Regards Arch.

7th September 2011, 23:51
Sorry mate,just tried the link and got nowhere.
Google TS Dolphin Leith and you'll get all kinds of info,including the one I tried to give you.

jg grant
8th September 2011, 00:00
cheers mate, will do, Ronnie

8th September 2011, 02:51
Ronnie there is a SN thread already on TS Dolphin with postings from members who may be able to help you.
What was your shipmate's name and what year would you expect he went through Leith Nautical and as what?


jg grant
8th September 2011, 22:44
Thanks mate, it's all a bit hazy actually but if he did attend Dolphin it would have been in the early sixties. Then again his father was in the RAF so he might well have gone to Vindi. His daughter is a bit more savvy than me with computers so she is going to try out some Sommerfords that she has found on facebook. I also gave her information on the Kew gardens organisation so that might give her some details. Regards and Thanks Ronnie

8th October 2011, 20:11
I finished at the T/s Dolphin sailor factory in March 61, and joined the Shaw Savill s.s Waipawa in Glasgow two days before my 16th Birthday,,,,,Happy Days

13th December 2014, 19:54
I did 15 weeks on the Dolphin Late 1950 to feb 1951 as a catering boy. I was colour blind but determined to join the M.N. And this was the only way. Led to 10 great years at sea from boy rating to Chief Steward the best years of my life.
Sad it seems to be the only Training Ship without an old boys association. I wonder why..Cassas