The South America ships

China hand
10th September 2011, 18:45
Anybody out there have any photo's of the slums the officers and crew of the "A" boats lived in? The cement floored communal shower on the Brasil Star? The luxury of the cold water sink in the 1st mate's cabin?
Nice funnel, though.(Ouch)

11th September 2011, 20:03
Brightist lit funnel in the MN. Pity about the hygiene. Had to keep the funnel clean

China hand
12th September 2011, 18:21
Blue Star Mate to Master: Bad news ,Sir.
BS Master to Mate: Go ahead.
BS Mate to Master: Lost the beef in No.3 lower, brine plant is down, the oranges in 4UTD are fermenting, oil is coming up thru the insulation in No.4 hold and the nurse is pregnant.
BS Master to Mate: Hm, any good news?
BS Mate to Master: Painted the funnel twice today, Sir.
BS Master to Mate: Good Man No.1, excellent, got the latest cricket scores?