South Africa run 1919

eddies girl
15th September 2011, 12:27
I have been trying to track down a long lost and long dead uncle. Could someone explain the numbers I have come across on my search. He Jumped ship in South Africa early part of last century. Record says AB seaman RS2 No 365346. Gives D o B as Feb1888 Ireland. Also Voyages 1919-02-14 Elder Branch.....ON122801 Sunderland (Ritson, F & W );. Help please Anne.

ted nutt
21st September 2011, 12:00
Anne,looking at your post.No 365346 would suggest his seamans or discharge book number.On122801 is the ships offical number.Elder Branch was originally,Strick Lines Afganistan.There are websites that have details of seamen,unfortunately,I dont have a link for you.If you need more details of the ship,thats not a problem. Ted

ted nutt
21st September 2011, 12:05
Anne,see the link further down the page,Seamans Records.

eddies girl
16th July 2012, 22:35
Sorry I havent said thank you before now. I have a subscription for find my past but not sure if the one I turned up is the right man. Thanks again, better late than never. Anne

Hugh MacLean
17th July 2012, 18:50
No 365346 would suggest his seamans or discharge book number.

Hello Ted,
The RS2 number was not the same as the discharge book number.
I believe it was In 1918 that the new identity and service certificate book was first used. This was the RS2 book and was separate from the Dis A. book.