MV Matua

2nd January 2006, 22:07
MV Matau at Nukualofa, Tonga in 1946. The Matua with the Tofua sailed the following route until the late 1960's or early 1970's: Auckland to Suva, Nukulofa,Vavau, Niue, Apia, Suva, Auckland. Photo from the book a "Shoestring Line" Published by Reeds 1967.

2nd January 2006, 22:30
This pic from very early days showing her in white livery. When white had a Green hull band and Blue boot topping. Changed to standard USS Co colours in 1949 after losing the battle with rust.During WW11 was painted grey.Finished up in 1968 after 32 years service Known as one of the "Cream Jobs" and manned by "Royals". Her last voyage was apparently a very special and moving affair as she was part of Island life and culture.
Built 1936 by R&W Hawthorn Leslie & Co Ltd Hebborn on Tyne and was in fleet 1936-1968. 4.166 tons Gross.
Length 355.2 feet. Beam 50.5 feet. Draught 26.7 feet.
Sold 1968 to K.Shipping Corp. Manila. Stranded Manila bay 1969. Salvaged by Taiwan ship Breakers and broken up Kaohsiung 1970.
Vale a most beautiful ship. KPC

2nd January 2006, 23:32
Posted pic of Hobbs painting SS Matua today.

16th September 2006, 10:24
she used to sit out on the dolfins and unload with barges.But when we arrived at the new wharfe with Mr McFarlane to cut the tape etc,I think the most memorable site was one old Samoan man who just stood on the wharfe and touched the ship side saying "Matua" with tears in his eyes,she was a grand old lady.Doug P.

19th January 2007, 13:15
The inter-island deck passengers were a fond memory also, if it started to get rough it was necessary to shift the foredeck passengers aft, and then nobody got any sleep. She was a grand ship. I have a photo of her that I took from a calender, I will send it on when I learn how.

roy allan
16th June 2007, 06:25
hi guys,i am posting on behalf of my dad and have seen a lot of pics taken of the union ships.i may be able to upload them at a later date.they were taken in various ports around the world.
dad kept all the dinner menus as well. (:

26th June 2007, 08:06
Hi Roy,
If your dad is Dicky Allan I printed those menu"s,Happy Happy Day's

19th November 2014, 15:24
Hi everybody, my father Vic Zaremba was a sparky on the Matua in the 60's. He also sailed on many of the other ships of the Co. including the Waiana which was I believe a coaler. I'm trying to think of the name of the ship they referred to as the "rock and roller" that was unstable in the smoothest of seas!? Dad ended up on the light house supply ship delivering batteries and goods to the lighthouse families.