Bandar Shapur

3rd January 2006, 07:25
When I visited this port on the British Osprey during the late sixties there was the remains of a tanker up on the banks of the river.

From memory I think I was told it was the remains of a Italian registered tanker of around 33000 tones that caught fire and exploded during loading. I do believe there was quite a few crew killed in the incident.

I do have slides in my collection of the wreckage and will post as soon as I can track them down.

Does anyone have any info on this incident.

3rd January 2006, 11:10
Hi Ray,

on the 5th June 1965 the Italian tanker 'Luisa' blew up at Bandar Mashur with loss of 30 crew. Saw it myself quite often on the 'bunker run' Kharg-Bandar Mashur whilst aboard British Destiny. The Osprey was incidentally my first BP Tanker 1967. Lovely little job, great crowd.

3rd January 2006, 13:52
Yes the LUISA was built in 1961 Ansaldo Genoa ,a new tk. for that time.
Flames shot 260 feet into the air ,wich the area around the vessel being described as a veritable INFERNO when the fire spread to the adjacent jettjes
and burning oil covered the harbour 05-06-1965.
The task of wreck removal was given to Brodospas of split,whose salvage team commenced cutting operation in october of that year. (Cloud)

19th April 2006, 13:13
I remember it well, we had been tied up ahead of her loading when I was on the Opalia, we sailed and not long after as we were heading south heard the reports of the explosion. A very lucky near miss.
Hawkey01 (Ouch)

13th June 2006, 15:48
I remember seeing the wreck when I joined Hector Heron (on BP charter) in Bandar Mahshar in about 1973/4, and wondered about the history.

Brodospas can't have done a lot by then, I wonder if they made any money on that contract ! I seem to recall one of the terminal guys saying a couple of locals with a rowing boat and a hacksaw were doing the demolition !

Nothing seemed to change on each subsequent visit.



13th June 2006, 17:49
Hello Raybnz,

Have posted a picture on the gallery of the remains of the Italian tanker, I took this pic. when we loading LPG.

As in the immortal song Spike Island defintely one of the worst places on the map.



Blade Fisher
10th September 2006, 13:27
Yes as stated she was an Italian tanker. My father was on the British Crown en route to Bandar when the Luisa blew up. The Crown got it the following year and as they say things happen in threes the Thorland blew up in June 1970.

I saw the remains of the Luisa in 1969. BM was always a grim place. Apparently they nearly lost the whole terminal when the accident happened. Vessels cut loose and told to evacuate.

21st February 2007, 01:53
Hi Ray,
my uncle died in the Luisa on june 5 1965
I would love to see some of your slides
and if you have any info.
Thank you

21st February 2007, 01:57
Hi ninja,
I would like to see the photos of the luisa.
We the family of the Luisa crew we are still trying to get justice
it is like this never happened
from Texaco to the Iranians and the Us agency.

steve d
22nd February 2007, 18:56
I seem to recall being told that it was left on the shoreline as a warning to others what can happen,

Michael Parkes
12th August 2008, 16:40
There was a Strict Line vessel which blew up in the Bandar Shapur area and I remember seeing the bow section being towed away with a tug.

There was a maritime magazing some time later detailing the investigation of the incident. This all from memory, but the ship loaded in the Thames a material used in the oil industry which ignited by internal combustion first noted in the Red Sea when smoke was coming from the vents.

The hold was flooded but later found to be no a success. The report told how the second officer was looking into the hold when the expolosion occoured and remembers seeing the ship from the air.

If anybody can find the detail of the time which would be very early 60's
I would be grateful.


alex page
12th August 2008, 22:33
I think the strick vessel was the hindustan .The thing that did stick in my memory was the material that caused the explosion was called "toe cap" I had visions of a cargo of old army boots


13th August 2008, 15:12
I think the strick vessel was the hindustan .The thing that did stick in my memory was the material that caused the explosion was called "toe cap" I had visions of a cargo of old army boots


I believe that explosion occured in Bahrein, the vessel was carrying explosives in a magazine, the heat of the spontaneous combustion fire (you are right, it was toe cap or toe puff, used in manufacturing shoes !) The heat of the fire plus the steam smothering used, melted the explosive, making it unstable and up she went. I remember seeing photos in Bahrein of the ship after the explosion, the after deck looked as though it had been opened like a sardine can and folded over the midship accomodation. Another photo sticks in my mind, it was of a derrick with a perfect round turn in it. There were a lot of the stevedores killed plus some crew members.

13th August 2008, 16:55
remember seeing the various parts of the ship on the opposite breakwater to the Jetty. I was in the British Sergeant at the time and I remember it was very hot.... as stated before the Crown blew up the following year, I know the Ex CO who survived with some burns....

23rd September 2008, 21:24
The Strick ship was the Seistan (III) , completed in 1957 by J. Readhead.
Fire broke out in No 5 hold beneath the explosives magazine when on a voyage from London to Khorramshar with gen. cargo which include 170 tons of explosives including fuses and detonators.
18/2/1958 anchored 2 miles east of South Sitra Beacon Bahrein where about 75 tons of explo. were dischagred into a barge whilst attempts to extinguish the fire continued. 19/2/59 fire spread to the magazine and subsequent explosion destroyed after part of the ship and much of the superstructure.
53 members of the crew including master and four men in the tugalongside lost their livesand the forepart sank. 5/2/59 forepart was raised and towed to Bahrein by Dutch tug Rode Zee bound for Italy. 22/6/59 Arr. at Palermo en route to Catania where it was broken up.