Ships chartered to Houlders in the 60,s

7th October 2011, 11:44
Does anyone remember if the tramp ship Worthy Down was chartered to Houlders in 1962 I have a photo of her with the Houlder brother house flag on the funnel and all along her port side it looks as if the paint has been badly damaged which makes me think she should have been using BA fenders if indeed she was on the South American run , the reason I ask this question is because I paid off sick from the Worthy Down in Shanghai in the january of 1962 I arrived back in Blighty around about the march after having been flown home from Hong Kong , after about 6 weeks I was deemed fit for sea again and when I walked into dock st pool the first ship they offered me was the very same Worthy Down which I declined but it did seem strange that after parting company with her in Shanghai we could have met up again so soon if I had so desired best regards Dave .