P&O Oriana Engine Trouble

5th January 2006, 16:36
Word has it that P&O's Oriana has engine trouble again. She had problems the other month when coming back from the Carribbean or America (I've forgotten which one it was) and she seems to have more problems now.
Apparently she has had to skip the Azores so that they can make up time in order to get to Southampton ready for the start of her World Cruise.
Lets hope the problems are sorted and that we don't have an Aurora World Cruise Incident on Oriana this year.
Interesting though to see what the media would blame it on. Oriana hasn't exactly got their easy excuse of the "curse" has she?

Paul UK
6th January 2006, 12:43
If P&O get another problem the media will rip them to pieces it was bad enough last year, but two years on the trot.

Lets hope the problem is minor


Paul UK
6th January 2006, 15:52
Me Again

We missed the Azores on the way back to Southampton on the farewell cruise with Arcadia, but got back early and spent the last night alongside in Southampton, while the interior of the ship was being dismantled around our ears.

Suggest never go on cruise with P&O that has a visit to the Azores as they seen to skip it on a regular basis.

Anybody else that this has happend to.

Paul UK

6th January 2006, 18:53
Actually, I mentioned it in my last message that she had problems a few months before. She skipped the Azores then as well! :p

Paul UK
6th January 2006, 22:54
It looks like it is getting a habit or is Ponta Del Garda a difficult berth to get in to !!

john g
7th January 2006, 14:46
Don't think you'd miss much in Ponta del Garda anyway !!

7th January 2006, 18:17
I suppose you could say it's a bit like a parking space...

"Oh, I don't think I can get into that one. I'll move onto the next one."
Except that its a port lol

8th January 2006, 20:01
Hope she gets it sorted before her Norwegian cruise in May?!. If the media do rip P&O to pieces they would be as thick as two short planks because nothing goes on forever including their own cars without a bit of wear and tear. So why can't a ship that is constantly sailing suffer a bit of wear and tear?. It is amazing how these ships keep going far longer than ours ever did between refits. I am surprised they don't break down more often, but P&O only get bad news, not praise when everything is running smoothly. David

8th January 2006, 20:25
John G. Have you been to Ponta Del Garda. I thought it was a nice Island. I have some pics Pics if any one wants to see. Barney.

8th January 2006, 22:33
The Oriana sailed tonight from Southampton. I thought the Aurora was the one with the most engine problems?

Paul UK
9th January 2006, 09:24
Glad to hear it and see it Bon Voyage (Applause)