Stanhope SS. Company - Murdo MacNab

6th January 2006, 18:43
Looking for an apprentice, Murdo MacNab from Cumbernauld, M.V. Stanwear, 1961

27th March 2014, 02:01
good day awateah2,sm,i was looking at old threads and came across your search for an apprentice.murdo macnab.6th jan 2006.18:43.what got my interest was that i sailed on the ss stanhill when she was wrecked off east africa.1947,are you familiar with stanhope steamship to hear from you if you can spare the time.thanks in advance,regards ben27

27th March 2014, 09:02
Stanrealm 1957 light ship to the states loaded scrap for japan // light ship to AUS sugar to liverpool never again as we paid off . bum food bum ship bum every thing 7 D /R s handed out on that trip

27th March 2014, 23:11
good day tiachapman,sm.yesterday.18:02;re:stanhope steamship.sounds like nothing had changed after 10 years,it was a renoune tramp company. i had not heard of the stanrealm.thanks for posting.regards ben27

28th March 2014, 11:10
Bit pricy but .....

28th March 2014, 13:12
just googled the stanrealm some interesting photos on her

31st March 2014, 01:12
Ben 27,
managed to contact Murdo McNab apprentice with Stanhope SS co. He is now a Buddhist Monk in the NW of England. We were together in Jack Billmeir's yacht 'Aronia'. He went away in the 'Stanwear' and I was due to follow but the company went down and after Jack died went into liquidation.

31st March 2014, 02:06
good day ss comp,murdo macnab,thank you for your reply.glad you made contact with your old shipmate,i am looking for a picture of the stanhill but have had no luck over the years,have you any photo's i would pay you for a copy,all the best,regards ben27

29th October 2014, 06:39
I did my first trip 71/2 months on the M.V Westbay she was one of Stanhope S.S.Co. Also worked on Stanmore, Stanwell, Stanland when I was an serving my apprenticeship.

jg grant
29th October 2014, 07:12
Hi TC #3. You and I were on this same trip on Stanrealm. Names I can remember were, deck Jim Gardener, Joe Constable, Cowie, surname, another, Ken first name. Catering, Ernie Black Chief steward, Brian Moore second, Trevor Robson-Cross A/s, Charlie Blackburn cabinboy, Alec Imlack 2nd cook, Polish guy was chief cook. We had a supernumary from Eastern Europe called Milo and he jumped in Philly. Another deckhand was ex Green Howards. I was galley boy. What did you do ?

jg grant
17th November 2014, 23:02
tiachapman #3.
my shipmate from about 57 years ago.Looks like you're not going to respond so I have to record that I find your version of that trip on Stanrealm grossly inaccurate. I don't know what cordon bleu feeders you had been on previously but we had bacon and eggs every day with beans etc., roast this and roast that, curries, steamed duff on Sundays. A great trip and a happy crew. The only minor complaint I ever heard was from some decky who wanted chocolate covered salt tablets! All forgotten when we got to Japan. None of the catering staff got a D/R, the firemen were Lascars so I doubt very much if any of them did. That leaves deck hands and seven D/Rs would account for a fair percentage of them. Frankly mate, I think your dreaming and if I want to be really picky it wasn't scrap iron in Philly it was pig iron ingots. Still, keep smiling.