Ellerman Line -old WW2 crew members/officers

Ray Rowlands
31st October 2011, 22:51
Are there any surviving Ellerman crew members/officers that might have sailed with my late father John Richard Rowlands from Anglesey(DOB 24.3.17) He sailed on following ships during WW2..
25.10.37..City of Baroda (4th officer)
15.6.38 Kioto (3rd Officer)
28.7.39 City of Johannesburg (3rd officer)
4.2.41 City of Eastbourne (3rd officer)
28.9.42 City of Rangoon (2nd officer)
21.6.44 Empire Irving (2nd officer)
21.1.46 City of Khartoum (2nd officer)
12.10.46 Promoted to chief officer City of Khartoum
20.12.46 Resigned ( Joined the Brit Rail fleet at Holyhead)
I am particularly interested in when he was on the Empire Irving as I was born in Sept 1944, when he was away and was over a year old before he first saw me !
My father died on 8 January 1994