Lepanto / Convoy Escort

John Parr
7th January 2006, 21:04
I'm researching my grandfather's ww1 naval career and, thanks to you guys, I have discovered a lot about his Jutland involvement on destroyers, so I thought I would try my luck again!

At the end of the war his service record shows him serving on 'Lepanto'. The only snippet of info I can find suggests that she was a converted merchant ship used briefly for convoy duties.

Any help you guys can give regarding either this ship or the general use of such ships as convoy escorts would be greatly appreciated.


Hugh MacLean
27th February 2006, 22:15
Hello John,

Your posting, I think, would have been better in "Ship Research".

SS Lepanto (Russell and Co), Port Glasgow 6394 gt
Built 1915 for the Wilson trans-Atlantic service just before the takeover by Ellerman.

1934 transferred to Hall Line management renamed City of Ripon.
On 11th November 1942 whilst bound from Port Said to New York in ballast she was torpedoed by U-160 off Trinidad and sank with heavy loss of life, there being only 27 survivors from the 83 on board.

Sources differ in the casualties and number of crew aboard.

I can scan a pic of the ship as City of Ripon and email if you like. I cannot post on the site due to copyright. You can P.M. your email address to me if you want.


John Parr
17th March 2006, 12:23

Thanks for your reply on this, and sorry for taking so long to pick up the info. I had monitored the item for some time and given up!

That is really useful info. My assumption from this is that she would have been used on trans atlantic convoy duty, with RN guys on board to man the guns!?

A picture would be great - I will send you my e-mail address.

thanks again