Burns & Laird

11th November 2011, 11:46
Anyone remember the old Burns & Laird line. I was on the Lairdsbank, Heysham to Londonderry in 1961, the Lairdsglen, Glasgow to Dublin in 1063. I preferred deep sea but it was a handy way(Cloud) to get home for Christmas and the New Year. My last ship was the Royal Ulsterman in 1963, Glasgow to Belfast. I only stuck it for three months for two reasons . I was married and being young and a complete numpty I missed her. The main reason was the chief engineer, name of Papadopulas or something like that. He was a complete pain in the **** and treated the engineers like dirt.

11th November 2011, 11:50
I forgot to mention. The Royal Ulsterman used to take 12 hours to get from Glasgow to Belfast.!!!!! She was bought by some Arab company and was sunk by the Israelis in the Med.

malcolm doherty
15th November 2011, 20:33
i remember her alongside in londonderry i think my late father and his buddy were on her, also had the lairds lock and ulster sportsman / ulster drover

15th November 2011, 21:34
Knew them well and some of the mates and masters. My grandfather was the manager of their Derry office for many years after WW2. I lived on the river as a young chap and they sailed past my bedroom window.
Carried cattle on the Lairds Loch Derry~Glasgow then hosed out the decks and carried 3rd. class passengers back. Fumes would have choked a horse.(==D)

16th November 2011, 17:28
The Lairdsbank was well past her prime when I was on her. As I remember the carpet in your cabin was never dry. The mess where we ate was like a wee cupboard. I came off watch one night and went to the wee galley for a snack. We were on Stand by as it was pretty foggy. I`m sitting having my snack with feet up to keep them out of seawater which poured though one side and out the other. Well up comes this idiot who had just relieved me to get something to eat. On that ship there was only one engineer on a watch. So we are making our way through fog blowing our horn and nobody in the engineroom!!!!!

24th February 2013, 10:12
I sailed on the Royal Ulsterman 1965/6.She looked like a mini Queen Mary.