P a r s e e

Jan Hendrik
9th January 2006, 02:06
"P a r s e e " sailed from the U.K. on the 14 January 1873 and arrived in Auckland on 7 May 1873.
Does anybody has more information or a suggestion to find more about this vessel and the migrants/crew she carried?

9th January 2006, 22:28
Hi Jan,

Not sure if you found these already - if so sorry.
This link gives a book reference which apparently has a picture: http://www.nzmaritimeindex.org.nz/ixvessel.asp?ID=888810092&name=P****E&gsn=&owner=&num=&typ=&tid=0&tix=0&pix=0&SourceID=&refid=&hit=1

This site has some more meaningful stuff about the ship and this voyage: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Park/2283/vessels/p****e.html
(you will have to replace the *s bit with the name of the ship - the stupid filth filter on this site has removed this thinking it rude :(
Good luck with your research!

9th January 2006, 22:36
I dont think the filter on the site is stupid at all, it saves me and the moderators chasing around the site deleting ********s posts, which for young people and old alike can be quite offensive.

9th January 2006, 22:46
Fairy Snuff Steve,
I will withdraw "stupid" and replace it with "over-zealous". I think this subject has been done to death already and appreciate that the keepers of the site have to make sure nothing too offensive is on public view. I have had to set this sort of filter up myself on IT client sites so know the score and legal situation. No offence meant - just frustration.

9th January 2006, 23:10
we have tried to do without it, but you always get one moron who joins and then uses the site to swear and show how clever he is, so im afraid we are stuck with it, i agree it can be frustrating, imagine how the honourable member from s****horpe feels.Members dont see how many join the site to spam or annoy we delete most of them at registration.

Jan Hendrik
10th January 2006, 04:54
Thanks Brian, the info was for a friend and I meanwhile passed it on, hopefully he can get more out of those websites.