Esso babes

17th November 2011, 15:59
Had a phone call one windy day to go out to the Esso Dover broken down somewhere off the Smalls. When we got there our own tow line was too big (would have sank her) one of our mooring ropes was too light and we were twice her size. One joker suggested that if we all pulled together we could get her on our aft deck. Finished up using a spare terylene gob rope to tow her back to Milford.
In my Merch. days I was on the Esso Preston, Esso Chelsea and Rowbothams' Oarsman (circa 1960). Like most Board of Trade Travelling Companions I really enjoyed the small ships.
Over the years I have collected several photos of all the ships I have been on.
Good health Gentlemen,
Colin. (Pint)

Frank P
18th November 2011, 14:28
Did you visit Preston while onboard the Esso Preston?

18th November 2011, 14:54
To Frank P
Hello Frank, yes indeed I did, in fact that was where I joined her, after calling into the Steamer Hotel to take on bunkers first. Went to Preston many times from Fawley with bitumen. Used to lodge there at one time (fulwood) at the home of the Sutton brothers. Lovely ship in the winter, pity she met her end off the Irish coast. My 'oppo on board was Barry (slim) Anderson.
Nice to have met you.

Frank P
18th November 2011, 19:18
Hello Colin, The Steamer it was going strong right into the 1980's then it changed its name ("The Tavern" I think) and it went downhill from there.

Cheers Frank