Cairntrader (1971)

Roger Jordan
17th November 2011, 23:00
The 1971-built CAIRNTRADER, which was owned by Shaw Savill and which spent almost 5 years on charter to Prince Line as SAXON PRINCE, was sold out of the Furness Withy Group in October 1976 and then bore six further names and the same number of owners. Under her last name, KARIM I, she was in minor collision with the tanker ZOPPUN in the port of Constanta on 19 May 2006. Ten days later, while preparing to dock for repairs to collision damage, she sank. The 12 crew were taken off safely. The sunken vessel was abandoned to salvors, which removed parts and fittings with a view to restoring the vessel to an even keel prior to refloating. She was refloated on 19 July 2006. I am interested in learning where the vessel is now, if still in existence. Any help or clues would be appreciated.