Esso to Frank P

19th November 2011, 08:33
Hi Frank, great to hear from you. Did I read your thread correct about the Steamer 'goin down hill'? The last time I was in there certain individuals were still turning their pint pots upside down on the tables as a challenge to any-one who fancied their chances!! and that was on a quiet night!! Other watering holes I remember-DR. syntax inthe main drag (Fishergate?), one right opposite the train station, and the Cattle Market in Fulwood just round the corner from where I lodged.
ah, fond memories
Cheers frank

Frank P
19th November 2011, 13:57
Colin, I remember the all of the pubs that you mention. When I say that the Steamer went "down hill" I mean that they tried to go "up market" and it didn't work, I think that it might be closed now, I don't live in Preston anymore so I'm not sure.
The Cattle Market pub I have used many times as I used to live just round the corner from there in Inkerman St.

Cheers Frank

19th November 2011, 14:49
Hi Frank, thanks for yours. Don't recall Inkerman St, but I used to lodge in Queens Rd.
True story--came ashore one afternoon in Preston and phoned a 'friend' and I asked where we should meet
She said "Thowleuhnthwall"
I said-pardon?
She said -Thowleuhnthwall
I said say that again
She said Thowle uhn fookin wall, are thee going deef arh kid?
I said meet me at the ships gang-way.
Later, after we had disintangled ourselves, we stopped outside a pub in the main drag, and she pointed up and said, "what the fook does that say"
I looked up and read the sign as " The Hole In The Wall"
I'd never have guessed!! Did you know that place?
Cheers once again,

Frank P
20th November 2011, 09:40
Hello Colin, You are bringing back some memories.
The pub "Thowleuhnthwall" The Hole in the Wall was a well known pub on Fylde Road and the reason for name was, if you remember it was next to a very big railway bridge and the pub was adjacent to the railway line and many many years ago the local train drivers used to stop their engines next to the pub and they could be served their Ale through a hole in the wall of the pub hence the name "The Hole In The Wall" and the local name "tholeinwall". In the late 1970's and 1980's I used to visit the Hole in the Wall with a couple of pool teams that I used to play for.
In the 1960's and 1970's and earlier, most of the pubs on Fylde Road, Watery Lane and Strand Road were proper seaman's pubs

Inkerman St was not far from Queens Rd, it ran parallel to Brook St the street were the Cattle Market pub was.

Cheers Frank

Frank P
21st November 2011, 16:29
Colin, I have just remembered that the real name for the "tholeinwall" was The Princess Alexandra.