Esso tankers

22nd November 2011, 15:33
No body seems to have much to say about the Esso Cheyenne or her sister Esso Apalachee. The Cheyenne was 15,278 tons and built in 1942 and named the Empire Coleridge.
On one trip whilst sailing fully loaded from Fawley with no tugs. a
mooring wire that was being used as a spring to cant her head off, dropped straight into the prop. We were towed to Cowes Roads anchorage where several ships took our cargo We were then taken to a dry dock in Southampton and the spare prop fitted.
On one trip to Avonmouth we had a t.v. set put aboard and spent afternoon 'smokos> watching the Wooden Tops! She was also the only ship I ever sailed on to have a bath . Quite hilarious when she was rolling.
I left her in December 58 and then spent a few months with Royal Mail. Great ship--great crew
Keep 'er orf the knuckle 'arry (Scribe)

23rd November 2011, 15:52
Hello Bruce. I know most of the residents in Thornton, (at least I used to) but your oppo Don Philips is a new one on me. Mind there has been quite a few new builds in the last year or two, so perhaps he is in one of them. Perhaps my neighbour Tony xxxxxx may know of him.
I'm waiting now to see if Milford Coastguard is getting the chop, as I was an auxilliary there in my tug days
cheers for now