Days Of Trident Tankers ---ardlui & British Architect

Mike The Gas Man
23rd November 2011, 07:26
Hi Everyone!
Does anyone remember this incident back in 1970 ish? British Architect was tank cleaning in South China Sea off Philippines and she was struck by lightning. Her main deck was ripped apart in the resultant explosion! Ardlui was in the vicinity and rescued the crew!
Ardlui was in ballast and had sailed from Builders Yard in Japan on her maiden trip towards AG. Captain Cedric Ducker was the Master!
It was my last trip a Deck Cadet at the time!

Any info or photos would be great.
Regards, Mike.

25th April 2013, 13:12
The only thing I can remember about that incident involved the recovery of the ship, in itself a complex matter as I have a feeling she had been signed off as salvage.
The heresay (yarn?) that I recall was that the dashing chief engineering supt and ex spitfire pilot chartered a plane to view the ship to assess the damage and when the pilot wouldn't (or couldn't) get close enough yer man took the controls and made a really low pass.
At subsequent inaugurations of eng cadets he would recount this tale along with his spitfire exploits and on one occasion the dialogue dried up and a spotty oick from the floor piped up "tell us about the spitfires again".
Which went up like a lead balloon.
As I say hearsay, you might get a more informative answer if you asked on the british tankers section.

20th November 2013, 01:28
I realise that this is a very old post, however, Captain Ducker is my Grandad, so I have a lot of photographs and information about what happened if you are still interested.

20th November 2013, 11:22
Greetings SSS and welcome to SN. We are always interested in maritime matters. Bon voyage.

11th February 2014, 23:30
I've just noticed this post and I am happy to report that, yes, I recall this tanker explosion very well. My dad was the Radio Officer who called in the Mayday from the British Architect. He had many stories to tell of the explosion and indeed the rescue. The only photograph I have ever seen of the ship was a great front page photograph which was published on a Chinese newspaper after the explosion happened. There was a huge gap where the centre ship had been. Unfortunately the paper is long gone. I would love to hear more or see any photographs of the British Architect.

12th February 2014, 21:41

Try searching this Gallery. Here is one of her being repaired+