City of Hereford

25th November 2011, 21:03
Ship Builders Model of City of Hereford is up for auction at Christies at present. My first ship. Does anyone know if her name was changed in later years ?

Regards Jeffs

26th November 2011, 11:41
City of Hereford (I) Launched in 1927 and scrapped in 1959. 1955 R/n 'Inchona'; 1956 R/n 'Golden Alpha'.

City of Hereford (II) Launched in 1958 and scrapped in 1980. 1971 R/n 'City of Glasgow'. 1978 R/n 'Myrna'.

I sailed on her when she was the 'City of Glasgow' from 19.02.74 until 05.08.74.

Any more info/photos re the Christies auction?



26th November 2011, 21:45
Hi Dave, Thanks for Info. Had the feeling that I recognised her from a photo recently. Do you know if she was ever on the MANZ run? I have this feeling that she was in Brisbane at the same time as we were in late1967, (as the Glasgow).

I assume you have seen Christies web site with model in glass case. Unfortuneatly I have no other photos of her. Thanks again Regards Jeffs.

1st December 2011, 15:39
can't find this on the Christie's web site; do you have a link?

2nd December 2011, 01:34
Just key in MV City of hereford on Google . Its still there.


Jeff Smith

2nd December 2011, 10:21
Seems it was sold for 9,000 in 2006

Sale Information

Sale 4092
Maritime Models
25 May 2006
London, South Kensington

Pity, I sailed on a couple of the sister ships