Cunard Yanks - Liverpool video plug

stephen wolstenholme
26th November 2011, 11:59
Please see the following You Tube clip for an interview I did with some Cunard Yanks at a Liverpool History Show a few years ago. Please forward the link to others with an interest as I am not a shipping enthusiast so do not know the relevant groups.


Best wishes

Stephen Wolstenholme

(a Liverpudlian in exile)

26th November 2011, 14:31
Thank you for posting this, Stephen. Very interesting fellows. Many old(er) seamen will relate to the story, even if we are not from Liverpool. In a similar fashion, we all learned from our travels and brought back something that enriched our own lives.

27th November 2011, 00:27
I have been a friend of Richie Barton (the guy in the black in the middle) and his brother Tommy for many years ,came with his wife to our house one time and talked me and the wife to sell him our two leather settees becouse he had just restored a small mansion house in west derby Liverpool,in his young days he was a real Cunard Yank as was Billy harrison (the guy on the right) ,Eddie zeiss Bernie Regan Tommy Barton ect we all lived around Kensington Anfield Everton valley Crown st and the planets as we called them, moon st star ect just up from the bull ring Ritchie ran a small bistro Called the Button hole at the bottom of button st and stanley street ,Tommy a very sucessful club owner I think Billy has passed away recently, Fond memories Tony Allen