Holland Amerika Lijn

Matthew Oosterwijk
10th January 2006, 14:27
Am looking for old shipmates on board of the following ships
Grebbedijk and Atlantic Star
Statendam, Rotterdam, Prinsendam, V-dam

10th January 2006, 14:30
Welcome Matthew to the site I expect someone will pop up later on this site, and a happy new year to you.

22nd January 2016, 14:19
Hello Matthew,
I know it's an old post but I was 3rd eng on Volendam late 81 to early 83, I was one of the agency guys brought in to help with the shortage of steam tickets.

22nd January 2016, 23:39
I worked with Bert Kampman from Goes for over 20 years with Radio Holland USA who was a HAL R/O. He is living in Virginia beach and retired.