Those in Peril

Tom Inglis
4th December 2011, 15:51
I have just read a book by Captain Ian Cook entitled " Those In Peril"
It's a great read, particularly for anyone who was at sea with Blue Funnel, or Straits Steamship Co. It is the life story of Captain Ian Cook who did his first trip with Blue Funnel as a Middy in 1944. After qualify as master mariner he joined Straits Steamshio Co based in Singapore and later became a pilot in Penang. After many years there his next move was to New Zealand where he was pilot in Timaru then Gisborne. He then did a spell piloting in Jeddah and later returned to Gisborne. The book has wealth of interesting tales and sagas and covers Ian Cook's 56 year love affair with ships and the sea.
The book is a prestigious hard back and will be on sale in UK in January , price 35 , available from Miles Avrill, Collingbourne Communications Ltd. The Croft, Cold Harbour Lane, Marlbourgh, Wilts, SN8 1BJ or contact via
Also tel contact 07778061263
Regards to alll
Tom Inglis

3rd March 2013, 01:51
I have just read it too. the NZ piloting was the most interesting to me as I was piloting out in Otago at the same time and knew most of the people he mentioned. I was very charmed to read his warts and all account of piloting not just the successful bits. His essay on the Mikhail Lermontov was most illuminating. Recommend muchly

Barrie Youde
3rd March 2013, 17:25
Amen to that!

Well worth reading.

Hugh Ferguson
6th March 2013, 16:07
I noted that Ian rejected an opportunity to go piloting in Aden because the "remuneration" was less than he received as a Chief Officer in Straits Steamship.
Should anyone be interested in the pay of a pilot in Aden all but sixty years ago, here it is! It should be noted that accommodation, in the form of a bungalow/flat, was provided free and gratis.