Sailing Trawlers

5th December 2011, 16:30
Just bought a cracking hard back book(2nd Edition 1970) called SAILING TRAWLERS by Edgar J March,some great old B/W photos in it. But where do these book firms get there prices from,googled this book, and the book is selling from 70 to an amazing 496 wanted by a German book firm. I paid 2 for it at my local flea market this morning. Think I might go into the book selling business(LOL).

5th December 2011, 17:15
The price in a local flea market can't be said to represent the market price, while those in the net book market are generally well informed of what others demand. I paid the equivalent of 10 pounds for my copy around 15 years ago, in a small antiquarian bookseller, and consider myself to have been extremely fortunate.

Check out "Bookfinder" if you want fast information of a book's availability and price.

Great book btw, especially if you are a modeller - congrats!