sham naval books by Sutherland and Canwell

j p foynes
11th December 2011, 15:11
Dear All

Just a warning and a request. Two authors who are commissioned to write for Pen & Sword have been churning out one book every few weeks on a naval, maritime, military or aviation subject, since about 2008. Last year they copied large parts of three other writers' books, including my "Battle of the East Coast 1939-45" and Mike Bowyer's "Air Raid". I started legal action and they paid me out of court. But it hasn't stopped. For "Churchill's Pirates" they took text, data and photos from other books and an RN mine warfare vets' website, again in defiance of copyright.
Their latest effort "Tirpitz First Voyage" is another sham. In spite of the advertising and the cover only 8% of it is about the Tirpitz, and the "first voyage" (allegedly to the Caribbean before the war) is a fiction, and isn't therefore shown in ANY photo.
A look at Amazon, W H Smith and RNPS websites (see reviews) will support what I've said.
So, avoid their books
Has anyone also come across these "authors" recently?