Sir Winston Churchill

14th December 2011, 00:18
Looking to find some evidence that I was on her in 1966 - does anyone know where I should start looking.

14th December 2011, 10:45
Do you mean the Trinity House vessel, based at Cowes Depot at that time? Had a few hours on her myself when she did the lighthouse and lightship reliefs in the area. I think there are a few ex Trinity people on the site who may be able to help if that's what you're after.

John T.

14th December 2011, 11:24
OTOH, if you mean the training schooner operated by the Sail Training Association, STA, which became the Tall Ships Youth Trust, TSYT, then your first point of contact would be:

Tall Ships Youth Trust
2A The Hard
Hants, PO1 3PT
Tel. 023 9283 2055

She would have been brand new in '66, perhaps not quite in operation - anyway, last sailed for the STA around the turn of the century before being sold.
I believe she was refitted as a cruise vessel for 12 passengers and now charters under the Greek flag for about €7000 per day.

14th December 2011, 11:36
Yes thats the one. Sailed from Portsmouth to Dartmouth and then to Chatham. Its a long time ago so the memories are a bit hazy but I remember banging along round Dungeness under sail with the engines going, heeling over with the gunwhales awash with snow accumulating all the way along the mizzen boom. Cold but fun - my first experience of the sea - magic!! I'll try the address you quoted and see where I get. Many thanks for the information.

30th December 2011, 10:43
Got the info ! The Tall Ships Youth Trust came up with the voyage report for the time I was on her - voyage No 2. I'd forgotten most of it - strange how the memory is so selective, I've attached the voyage report for those it may interest.

1st January 2012, 21:54
I remember seeing her being built at Hessle. Dunstons I believe. Then when I was at sea heard on the VHF one time up in Scotland we was at standby near Leith
on the UTC Euroman first trip sparkie.

all the best

1st January 2012, 22:14
She fell over while they were building her, fortunately the men were having a break when it happened. I worked at Dunstons for a short while.

2nd January 2012, 13:41
I was on the tug 'Workman' we escorted her for sea trials and to render assistance if need be, thankfully all went well. We had photographers on board, I have some photos somewhere, I'll dig them out if I can find them.

2nd January 2012, 16:40
I remember her falling over while being built,Industrial and Maritime Riggers put her back on a even keel.
I worked for that firm but i was not involved.

5th January 2012, 20:10
I was a 16 y-o at the Boulevard Nautical School, a group of about 20 lads from the school were selected to warp her round Dunstan’s yard at Hessle in readiness to “sail” to KG Dock I think (May be it was to be Alex Dk).
A week before this great event she toppled over and snapped her masts so obviously we were stood down, I went to sea about a month later in the January of 1966 so actually missed out in the shift whenever that actually took place.
Saw her a few times while she was in service with the Youth Trust and more recently I have been working with one of the Trusts “voluntary navigators” he can tell some fascinating tales the young crew members, virtually kids, form all sorts of backgrounds.