12th January 2006, 19:43
Does anybody have a photo of an RNVR crest they can email me. also any info on RNVR Clyde, minesweeper, i.e. history with tonnage etc. would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

15th January 2006, 16:06
Nicknamed the "Wavy Navy" from the waved white tapes on the original RNVR seamen's collars, not from the officer's sleeve lace???????

Can not trace a crest of the RNVR, The address of HMS Graham may be of use.
HMS GRAHAM, Whitefield Rd, Govan, Glasgow SW1 (Ibrox 1214)


patrick mahoney
15th January 2006, 19:11
hi Banni regarding minesweeper Clyde would she also have been mamed as
hms St David/hms Crichton M1124 this ship visted Waterford 1961 hope that this be of some help to you .
all the best
patrick ..