ropner boats

danny rafferty
26th December 2011, 10:39
anyone out there sailed on ss Pikepool , formerly,Ocean Pilgrim, one of the liberty boats built during the war,I was on her in 1957/58 we were carrying iron ore from Brazil to Poland, grain from Argentina to the continent and i recall during the crossing to Poland, hearing of the Manchester air disaster. I believe she was scrapped in 1967

Pat Thompson
26th December 2011, 13:11

Danny she was built as Ocean Pilgrim by Todd-Bath Portland East and completed in August 1942

She subsequently became PIKEPOOL - 1947
MARIGO - 1959

and was broken up at Kaohsiung 4.10.67

There is a a photo of her as Pikepool HERE (

26th December 2011, 13:53
Sailed on the sister ships "Firby" and "Ingleby" ex Ocean Fame & Ocean Vengence
in 1953/1958