Mystery Sailing Vessel

14th January 2006, 12:05
Can anyone help to identify this vessel. I thought it was Young Endeavour, on slip at Kwinana, Western Australia in 1999. But appears I thought wrong. Young Endeavour only has 2 masts. Any assistance greatly appreciated




Jan Hendrik
15th January 2006, 11:44
I am pretty certain this is the "Leeuwin"

The Leeuwin is a 3-masted 1850 style barquentine, 55 meters long and weighing 300 tons. She has a permanent crew of 6, plus 7 experienced volunteer crew, and carries up to 40 participants. She is owned by a non-profit, charitable trust based in Freemantle, W Australia.

The yard you pictured her is at Coogie, which is halfway Fremantle and Kwinana, it is the largest shipyard, both for dockings and new constructions in West Australia (ignoring the all alu hull yards), initially this yard started off by two Dutch brothers Verboon in the late 50's, but they later sold it to Tenix (first ASI = Australian Shipbuilding Industries).
I have been there hundred of times following projects.
I have a nice pendrawing of the vessel and will post this one day.

15th January 2006, 12:13
G'day Theo/Jan...

Re the picture in question... I've sailed on Leeuwin a few years back and I reckon that's her ok.



Jan Hendrik
15th January 2006, 12:21
Some more info:
Launched: 2nd August 1986
Construction: Welded steel hull, teak deck
Length: 55 metres, 40 metres on deck and 33 metres waterline
Width: 9 metres
Displacement: 344 tonnes
Draught depth: 3.4 metres
Main mast height: 33 metres
Sail area: 810 sq. metres
Crew: 5 permanent, 8 volunteer and 40 voyage crew
Builder: Transfield (ASI) Pty. Ltd
Designer: Len Randell

So you see she was also built at this same yard, at the time called ASI (Australian Shipbuilding Industries)

15th January 2006, 13:37
Thanks troops

Much appreciated