Bob Owens

31st December 2011, 00:22
An obituary in this evenings Shields Gazette , reported that Bob Owens had crossed the bar. He was Technical Superintendant when I briefly met him on a dry docking. I think he rose to Technical Director of the Palm Line. The Gazette reports that he was 93 and father of Jennifer. The funeral will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Southchurch, Essex on Tuesday, January 10th. Condolences to his family

2nd January 2012, 14:51
Condolences to the family from both my Dad, Adrian Hobbins and myself, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Owens a few times, a true gentleman.


stan mayes
2nd January 2012, 17:42
My condolences to the family of Mr Bob Owens.
As a rigger in Tilbury Docks I often saw and chatted with him....
As Graham has said,he was a true gentleman..

27th January 2012, 19:03
My condolences to the family of Bob Owens. Bob was Chief Superintendent Engineer with Palm Line when I sailed with them in the sixties. As said by previous colleagues he was a true gentleman, extremely good at his job and well respected.

Jennifer Dutton
8th February 2012, 18:27
Hello all those who knew my dear Father

I have only today found this web site so here goes - I'm not all that au fait with how it works.

My dear Father died on 20 Dec 2011. He had deteriorated after my Mother died in 2009 and he suffered with Alzheimers. However, his love of the sea, ships and all that is involved never ever left him and he remained dapper to the end.

It was wonderful to have his fellow colleagues from Palm Line at the funeral.

I can't tell you how super it was to find this site and your comments about Daddy!! How great is that!! I have very fond memories indeed of being taken down to the docks both at Liverpool and Tilbury at weekends and I spent many a happy hour crawling along the crank shaft and generally investigating the engine room with him (definitely non PC nowadays with all our Health and Safety!).

Yes, Daddy rose to the heady heights of Tenchical Director in London Office of Palm Line. He adored ship, sea and the people involved in it. I still have his detailed technical notes of those ships he was involved with building.

Great to communicate with you.

Jennifer Dutton

9th February 2012, 11:14
Greetings Jennifer and a warm welcome to SN on your first posting.Bon voyage.