Uploading Pictures

14th January 2006, 15:43
Looking for some help.
I'm trying to upload a scan of my indentures. I had to scan these in two halves & then used Photoshop photomerge to stitch the 2 halves together. The resulting image was saved as a Photoshop file & then I did a 'Save as' of the image as a JPEG file. When I try to upload the JPEG image in the 'Life Aboard' Gallery (not in the forum as a thumbprint where I understand the fact that there is a size restriction) I select the JPEG image after browsing & click on 'Upload'. The 'Upload' button then greys out & the 'Wait' message is displayed. After a long wait (2-3 minutes) the screen changes to either 'Upload succesful' with no image or 'Upload succesful' with a completely different image. I have never had this problem before with any of the images that I have uploaded on this site before. Anybody any ideas?