m.v. Miranda - HM Coastguard Trawler Support Vessel

14th January 2006, 21:56
Trawler Support Vessel m.v. Miranda

Built in Sweden in 1942 as a four masted topsail schooner named Albatross and sailed as such with distinction, as a round the world sail training ship and oceanographical survey vessel. In 1967 she was sold and converted to a cargo vessel and renamed Donna under the Panamanian flag. In 1969 she was again sold and became Dorothea.

MIRANDA was a Government owned ship provided by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). She was operated by HM Coastguard under the direction of the Marine Division of the DTI and was managed by the Ellermans Wilson Line of Hull.

She was acquired in April 1970 as a result of the recommendations of the Holland Martin Committee of Enquiry into the safety at sea of British distant water trawlers.

Her master (Support Commander) and Medical Officer were appointed by DTI, and a Meteorological Officer was provided by the Met Office. Marconi Marine provided the Electronics Officer and Radio Officers. Ellermans Wilson Line provided the other officers and the crew, which included a fishing adviser (ex Trawler Skipper) to assist the Support Commander in technical matters peculiar to trawlers.

Miranda was "on station" in the Denmark Strait (between Iceland and Greenland) from the beginning of December until the end of April and crew reliefs were initially effected by air transport at Reykjavik and/or Isafjordur in Iceland.
During the "Cod wars" reliefs were effected at Lerwick, Aberdeen or her home port of Hull.

All the above information has been extracted from Nigel Hadley's excellent website about the vessel. There are plenty of illustrations, photographs and audio clips which you will find interesting (particularly ex Marconi R/Os). (Thumb)

Highly recommended: Nigel Hadley's website here. (http://nigelhadley.org.uk/index.html)