MER back issues

2nd January 2012, 15:15
Just wondering if anyone out there might be interested in obtaining some old copies of Marine Engineers Review.

I've been clearing my loft and found more than twenty years worth of them.
These back issues date from Jan '71 through till April '92.

I have also found other associated publications:

The Institute of Marine Engineers Student Transactions (Jan '65 till Jan '68)
The Institute of Marine Engineers Transactions (Feb '68 till 1991)
The Institute of Marine Engineers Bulletin (many copies over the same time span)

Just thought Id check if they may be useful to someone before I make a trip to the skip!


2nd January 2012, 15:27
Might be worth putting them on e bay, beats skipping them.

3rd January 2012, 16:52
Fleetwood Nautical College are setting up an Engineering course - they might welcome them for their library?