T.S.S Maheno

8th January 2012, 13:02
Haven't posted for a while but just wanted to let you all know I have a very large collection of Artefacts from the U.S.S.co's Maheno of 1905 . I began compiling info and photo's on this vessel from about 1992 when i first visited the wreck on Fraser Island , with the Intention of writing a book on the famous liner . This has grown to an obsession and in my research i have meet many people who owned pieces of the ship sold at auction after failed refloating attemps in 1935 . After years of pestering and many $$$$ 's spent , I now own hundreds of pieces from this vessel which i hope to soon set up on permanent public display somewere in the Fraser Coast district. I held a weekend display of my collection in 2010 and over 1000 people showed up ( making the front page of the following mornings local paper ) and proving the disappearing wreck still draws a lot of interest . If anyone is interested let me know and i'll post some pic's

17th January 2012, 16:16
here are a few of my maheno artefacts . i have many more if anyone is interested , let me know.The panelling is from the Ist class Smoking room ( i have included a pic of it in its original position . the card table is from the same room . the other picture is just a general shot of a couple of my washstands and a 1st and 2nd class dining saloon chair(s).will post some pics of models i have of this vessel in the model section.

17th January 2012, 16:23
more maheno stuff . saloon chairs , washstands skylight panels

Ferry Man
2nd February 2012, 05:50
Those are some interesting pieces you have there.. 2 questions, can I see more period photos? and are you still planning the book?
The Maheno has always been one ship I've been quite interested in.

Thanks for sharing!

2nd February 2012, 08:55
Good work Mahenoguy, some great relics. How long before Maheno goes the same way as "Cherry Venture" - I heard she's just a hole in the sand now.

John T

14th April 2012, 03:09
Hi Maheno Guy... Saw your post Photos.I have a Maheno Chair the same as the one you have to the right of the washstand photo.Mine is number 87. Thought you might like to know.