9th January 2012, 11:42
I have just finished reading 'The Shipyard Apprentice' by Willie Scott
I recommend it to all old engineering apprentices, it gives a good insight into the training methods in Harland & Wolff's yard in Belfast in the 1960's ISBN 978-0-9570994-0-1
Dave Carpenter ( Rivet )

5th February 2012, 00:56
Hi Dave
Thanks for the positive comments on my book. It took a while to write as I was working at KBR offshore oil & gas construction yard at Nigg, as mechy engineer here in cold, snowy Highlands when I started it.
Isnt it strange how I can remember things I did 45 odd years ago and cant remember what I need to do this week or what I did a few years ago?
I read your 2 books and thoroughly enjoyed them and I can recommend them as well to all the old engineers and mates in or were in the Merchant Navy the best years of their lives.
bye the way I am well into my next book but need a non-copyright photo of MV ORAMA a P&O Trident Tanker ship for the front cover. I was lucky with last book as Harland & Wolff emailed me a photo of Methane Progress a ship I worked on in the sixties for the front cover.

bye for now,
thanks again
all the best to you and the rest of the guys, isn't this a super website?
Willie Scott