Rfa Nostalgia.org

the brit
10th January 2012, 01:58
could someone clarify whether the site is down for repairs upgrades or is there something more dire as to why i cannot access the site for the last couple of days. any information on said site would be appreciated.


Pat Thompson
10th January 2012, 09:33

The Brit, I have passed your message on to the webmaster

10th January 2012, 14:05
Never mind down, it looks as though the whole site has been deleted! The error implies there is no such site as RFANostalgia.org - pity as I was trying to recall information from my days there in the early 70s

King Ratt
11th January 2012, 16:42
Same problem here,gentlemen. I hope the whole site has not gone forever.I expect DMG is working overtime to get it up and running again.

King Ratt
11th January 2012, 16:48
Just checked the RFAA Plymouth site and it seems the problem is with the server in Houston. They are working on it. Watch that space.

King Ratt
20th January 2012, 16:24
The site is up and running again. Just checked it a few moments ago.

Mick Spear
20th January 2012, 16:39
The website is okay rfaaplymouth.org it is just the RFANostalgi part of it that has crashed. Don't worry the webmaster will have it back up and running again soon.
Mick S

King Ratt
20th January 2012, 17:29
Hi Mick
The Nostalgia bt is also working OK.

Rab T

the brit
20th January 2012, 22:07
great to see it back online.

20th January 2012, 22:29
Just needed a drop of Devcon and some jubilee clips :)