Grampian Cavalier ERRV

tony Allard
15th January 2012, 23:27
Hi members,

would anyone know if any of Craig Group's ERRV's have towing ability.

I was looking at a pic of Grampian Cavalier and i noticed it had winch written on with a large yellow circle of the aft main deck, i know this may be a silly question but is that got any thing to do with towing or is it a position where a helicopter would winch say a causality up.

Any Answers would be would be helpful.

im not to sure if this the right forum for this question.



16th January 2012, 01:17
Hi Tony
At their website you can see the specs for the vessel. Under winch it is N/A but there is a winch area. This is usually for helicopter winching.


tony Allard
16th January 2012, 01:28
oh ok. thanks for that rob.